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Want To Know Your Ring Size Before Placing An Order?

Here are different methods you can use to do just that.

METHOD ONE :USING A RULER:  Simply tear a strip of paper and then use the strip to measure your ring finger. You can also use a tape rule to measure around your finger. 

​Convert to your size using the measurement below:

Your Measurement US Ring Size
5cm Size 5
5.5cm Size 6
6cm Size 7
6.5cm Size 8
7cm Size 9
7.5cm Size 10
8cm Size 11
8.5cm Size 12

In some cases your knuckles are larger than the base of your finger. Measure the top of your knuckle and the base of your finger . Choose the bigger measurement.

METHOD TWO : USING A RING THAT FITS: If you have a ring that fits, it is a more accurate method to get your ring size measurement. Simply measure the inner circle of your ring ,and convert your measurement using the size below.
Your Measurement Your ring size
1.5cm(15mm) Size 5
1.6cm (16mm) Size 6
1.7cm (17mm) Size 7
1.8cm (18mm) Size 8
1.9cm(19mm) Size 9
2.0cm(20mm) Size 10
2.1cm (21mm) Size 11
2.2cm (22mm) Size 12